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Our Founder

I’m Noema, the Founder and Creative Director of my namesake brand, Noema.

A career as an aerospace engineer and academia isn’t the usual route to launching a lifestyle brand, but as somebody once told me, “every engineer has an artist and an entrepreneur hidden deep inside.” And so, I took that literally. Leaving the fast-paced world of engineering and studies behind to return to my roots, for a reset, a slower pace, back to a way of life I knew and loved growing up in Mallorca. Where the living is easy…

These days, living in Ireland has helped to unearth and inspire my creativity and craft, but as I see a post-pandemic frenetic pace creeping back into our lives, I want to put the spotlight on what really matters – the return of simplicity in how you dress and live. It’s an art. It’s the art of living simply, the Mallorca way. I want my journey of reinvention, new opportunities and freedom to infuse into every piece of Noema’s lifestyle because life is better when we take it slow.